This incident occurred around 2005, the boarding house that I occupied was only filled with two rooms, one for me and the other for Alice March’s family from Yogyakarta. Mas Tarno is 2 years old above me so it was around 26 years old. His wife, Nita, is my age. Nita is a sweet white person and can always make me lust even though she is married.

Mas Tarno is unemployed. So for household purposes Nita works from morning to night in a supermarket. of course this kind of family often complains. Nita assumed Mas Tarno was a lazy person, usually only asked for money to buy cigarettes.

Mas Tarno often replied to Nita’s nagging with slaps and kicks even in front of his son. I do not like seeing the quarrel. One time, Mas Tarno got a job as a crew and of course he had to leave his family for a long time. Nita is happy not to hear it.


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