Beautiful girl fucked by white dude

Beautiful girl fucked by white dude

Frankly, everything happened accidentally. At that time I bought a book about the sixth sense or “subconscious”, it was just a fad while in a bookstore. The core of the book beautiful teaches this. If we want something, then we have to try to visualize it …

One day what we visualize will happen will be done. Dream? Not. Because to reach the sixth sense a person can not even fall asleep, but need to reduce the electrical waves in his brain from beta waves to alpha. How? Very easy …

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We just close our eyes, imagine going down a spiral staircase with at least 10 teeth. When you imagine this, the electrical waves in your brain will decrease in frequency from 13 cycles or more per second, to 8-13 cycles per second. It looks easy but it takes practice, so it’s difficult … Hey. He .. Well that’s when we enter the subconscious (unconsciousness)


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