Belo Kiss Throat Obscenity Lesbian Crazy!

Belo Kiss Throat Obscenity Lesbian Crazy!

I don’t think I need to tell you about my name and origin, and my current place and address. My age is now close to forty years, come to think of it I should have had children, because I have been married for almost fifteen years. Even though I’m not that handsome, I’m quite lucky because I got a wife who I think is very pretty. It could even be said he was the prettiest in my neighborhood, which usually caused jealousy of my neighbors.

My wife’s name is Resty. There is one habit that other people may rarely have, which is a high sex desire. Maybe the readers do not believe, sometimes during the day while there are guests too often I take my wife for a while to the room to do that. Strangely, in fact my wife is also very loving it. Even so, I never intended to eat up to offset my madness in sex. Maybe because I don’t have kids, my wife is always ready all the time.

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This madness began when my new neighbors arrived, who knows who started, we were very close. Or maybe because my wife is sociable, so I quickly get along with them. Her husband is also very good, his age is about the same age as me. Only his wife, wooow busyet .., besides being young is also beautiful and what drives me crazy is her body, wow, and her skin is very smooth white.


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