Blonde babe fucked by elegant man

Blonde babe fucked by elegant man

Before reading please prepare a tissue first, enjoy, call it my name is Mat, my height is in middle school in middle school about 162cm, the one I like most from girls is her breasts are getting bigger and plump, the more I like it. Especially if his face is also beautiful, the more it makes me horny (maybe because I often read magazines & watch porn movies so that makes me like that).

At school I always excel & enter the top 5. So that I always enter the chosen or superior class (class for smart people … that’s what my teachers say at that time).

I am sometimes nosy, but smart almost in all subjects, especially history, geography, biology & mathematics (MTK). In the class I tend to hang out with tmen2 cwek coz they want to accept me as I am, compared to friend cwok. In my school I have a classmate friend whom Puput calls.

I am classmate and know him since class 2. He is white, long hair (often ponytailed), thin tiny lips, beautiful (in my opinion), dimpled sweet smile, slim body & slightly taller than me (high coz I’m just screwing), friendly, 34B breast size (that I know about SEX with him), and crazy sex (this I know after I experienced it myself).


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