Cheating Wife Sex Wants Cock And Cum

Cheating Wife Sex Wants Cock And Cum

This is my umpteenth time having sex with a middle-aged woman. It happened when I raised my class, I got a month’s vacation from school. To fill my vacation time, I agreed to the invitation of Mas Iwan, the driver of my neighbor’s RT to vacation in his village. In a village in West Java.

He said, all want to see his wife. I was attracted by Mas Iwan’s statement that the girls in his village were beautiful and smooth. I want to prove what he said.

With a car loan from my father, we went there. After traveling quite far, finally around 17.00 WIB we arrived at his village. Mas Iwan’s house is quite far from his neighbor’s house. The house is quite good, for the size of the village, the shape is elongated.


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