College Princess 3 – Episode 2 – Hentai Pros

College Princess 3 - Episode 2 - Hentai Pros

People say, I am the happiest person in the world, Imagine living in Surabaya which is said to be the second big city in Indonesia with a lot of money, has dozens of companies and branches throughout Indonesia, beautiful and sexy wives, and everyone knows me by well.

When I arrived at the very luxurious office room, I saw a beautiful girl around the age of 22-23 years writing something and then looking at me kindly. “Want to take therapy, sir?” He asked with a smile on his tiny lips.

“Yes, sorry … The doctor is there?” I asked doubtfully. “Today happened to be a doctor, Amy Yip is not patient …” he said. “Doctor Amy Yip … How come the name of a star is blurry, bro, Ma’am … is it from Hong Kong?”

“That’s right … Indeed, his name is Yip Chi Mei, he is a sexual therapy specialist from Indonesia who graduated from Hong Kong Medical College … and he prefers to be called Doctor Amy Yip.” He explained.

After filling out the form containing personal data, I was immediately escorted to the doctor’s office. The girl I later found out was named Sally then knocked on the door of Doctor Amy Yip’s practice room. The door opened from inside. It’s my guess. There stood a beautiful woman wearing a black blazer and around 30 years old. He has shoulder-length curly hair. Oh, this is the doctor!


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