Crystal Greenvelle in 10 min – Luscious Fruit

Crystal Greenvelle in 10 min - Luscious Fruit

I once boarded a luxury home in Makassar Crystal, homeowners classified as elite and including busy with his business. while the wife works at a private bank. One day after 1 month the lady gave birth to her nickname Mbak Wulandari, then a baby sitter came to apply for a job according to the advertisement in the newspaper, after conversing with Wulandari,

So the baby sitter named Pure was accepted as their baby sitter. I continued to stare at it baby sitter, wow after wearing a white shirt looks really sexy, streaks in her pants look faint. the next day, when I wanted to go to the office, suddenly my boarding mother introduced me to Murni, I caught a glimpse of her breasts wrapped in white clothes behind a bra wow exciting about 36 lah ..

Si Murni is around 30 years old, while my boarding mother (the mother of the baby is only about 26 years old, her husband is around 30 years old). Sir, please follow the house because there is a new occupant (meaning baby sitter) while I have to go to work again, knowing that working in the private sector gives birth for only one month, he said to me.


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