Cute Japanese has great time

Cute Japanese has great time

I just recruited a new secretary because my japanese secretary was lazy and less professional, especially after he got married. Oh yes, almost forgot, I work in a private company that is on the rise, precisely in a private bank. Not unexpectedly, my new secretary was not only still a virgin, but diligent, smart and most important was her plump body and beautiful face, with pure flawless white skin.

From the first eye when I was interviewed I was immediately captivated and from the look in his eyes and his attitude towards me, I also understood if he liked me.

Wow, it fits, it feels like the first week of the days at the office is so beautiful and it feels like walking so fast. Her name is Indah Ningsih Purwati, oh … it feels like my work is getting more and more excited. Every time he comes to my office with my letter or drink, I start to stick my love bows from starting to hold his hand, kissing his nose and forehead but still polite enough, don’t let him be shocked or angry.


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