Doting Mom

Doting Mom

My name is Reni, 27 years old. My skin is straight yellow and my hair is shoulder length with 165 cm high and weighs 51 kg. I have been married more than a year. I come from a respected family. At first glance my face is similar to Princess Indonesia 2002 Melani Putria. The difference is I’m married and I’m older than 2 years. Mom

I realized that sometimes I accidentally pushed my chest against Mr. Tigor’s back when he avoided the hole and when he braked. I understand, that’s the risk if I ride a motorcycle. Over time, things like that are increasingly common, so I finally get used to it. Every now and then I also put my arms around her waist if I don’t sit right on the seat of her motorcycle. I think Mr. Tigor had the chance to feel the softness of my 34b-breasted breasts. I accept this condition because there is transportation on this island.

So I have to get used to it and live it. I can’t compare it to Padang where I used to drive myself when I went to the office. One Friday afternoon after work, Mr. Tigor came to my house. As usual, he kindly greeted me and asked me about my situation. He also let me in and sit in the living room. That afternoon I was finished bathing and watching television. Back, Mr. Tigor took me to the beach. I object because I’m still a little tired. After all, I was a little annoyed with my husband’s busyness when I called earlier. He can’t be on the phone for too long. “In that case, we just play chess, Mom … How about it?” Mr. Tigor tried to find an alternative. Incidentally, during this time he often played chess with my husband. I agree because I’m too late. Not bad, to eliminate my disappointment at this time.

I then played chess with that man. Also, I defeated him several times. The stakes are a bottle tied to a rope and then put to the neck. All my life, only this time I want to talk freely with men other than my husband and my boss. Not everyone can freely talk to me. I belong to the type of person who chooses to look for the other person, so it’s not surprising that I’m labeled arrogant by some people I don’t know. However, with Mr. Tigor I speak as he is, speak quickly. Maybe because we know each other and also I feel I need energy on this island. Without feeling, we have been playing chess for a long time until 10 o’clock at night.


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