Brunette strips and fucked by manager

Brunette strips and fucked by manager

This is my story about how I get pleasure from my daughter-in-law’s manager. let’s look at the story, woyooo.

Dina held herself in the mirror. This is the day she has been waiting for the most – her wedding day. There are many reasons why he is finally willing to marry Doni. And sex is one of them, even though Doni only has a small penis. But sex with another man has become much more pleasant though since Doni has pinned a diamond ring on his finger. He felt guilty and needed it at the same time, every time he felt the ring on his finger when another man was having his vagina promised only to Doni.

He remembered the night Doni proposed to him. He smiled, nodded and said “yes”, kissed him and enjoyed how comfortable it was to wear this very expensive diamond ring.


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