Gorgeous Lesbian ass worship

Gorgeous Lesbian ass worship

Echa is a student from Pekalongan, Central Java, I knew her when we were both participants in a workshop for students. He was a participant from an economic high school in the city of S, while I was sent to represent my campus.

During the workshop, I actually began to feel that he was watching me, but I also knew that he already had a guy. So that our relationship at that time was limited to SMS. Until one Friday night in November 2016, Echa called me. In essence, he said that tomorrow morning he would go to the city of Y and ask me to pick him up at the terminal.

Estimated if he departs from City S at 7, then at 10 or no later than 11 he will arrive at Y. The next day at 10 am I have been standing by at the inter-city bus terminal in my city. While searching, suddenly from behind Echa surprised me.

He did not change much, 168 cm tall, shoulder length hair, the shape of his face was thin like the artist Nia Ramadhani, but Echa’s body was fuller, especially with 34-sized breast B. When I was stunned to see her body, she suddenly embraced me. “Bro, I miss you. I want to have a lot of stories with you, want to exchange ideas and get rich discussions during the workshop, “he said.


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