Hot japan girl Maya Kato in rough sex scene

Hot japan girl Maya Kato in rough sex scene

Here it is Adult Story which tells the story of a high school girl named Maya whose whisk makes me feel melek literate, at that time was the school birthday where I studied 2.5 years ago. school anniversary is a very happy day for us students who study there because we all can’t learn of course and already from 3 days before doing various preparations for the day’s program!

on the anniversary of school we held various events that were very excited and no less exciting, sure, bro! starting from various band music performances, various competitions such as class competitions to modern dance competitions. But this modern dance competition was not held between classes, but among the groups that made this event exciting was the supporters of each class and generation who fought each other until fist fights for the team they championed!

Ok, going back to my school birthday is starting at 9 in the morning. But I came at 11 noon! Hehe … understand it’s a stubborn child who likes to look for sensations and intentionally I come late just to watch the capital city bands and watch the modern dance competition. And finally the waiting moment has come.


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