Hot japan girl Narumi Ayase in beautiful porn scene

Hot japan girl Narumi Ayase in beautiful porn scene

How come all the readers of the hot narration, this time I want to share with regards to my experience with a lot of my friends, first introduce my name is Jimmy, one student who is in the boarding area in city B, I am in this boarding room with a lot of women in the area (boarding off the wife of a man can still be) is not a bit of experience challenging me.

“Re, how come you sit down …” I just said spontaneously.
“Owwhh … why is Jim?”
“That part of the pussy you look …” I just told.
“Haaa right?”
“Yeah right, what do you deliberately challenge me?” I asked rather mischievously.
“Yeah, yeah sory, it seems like you have a heavy appetite, see me?” He said, answering with a grin.

“Yes, yeah, the pussy is really good …” I answered the question casually but stabbed.
“Hah?? Is the Jimny good ?? What do you mean?”
“Seriously pussy how come the Jim’s really good, red and red, how’s that …”
“Ihhhhh, it’s not red, too, time, do you want to see the original?” He challenged me.
“You’re not afraid I’m raping later?”
“What are you afraid of …! You’re a good kid … “
“Yes, have you seen it?”

Shortly thereafter he immediately slipped his pants, and as I thought he had not worn pants inside, immediately plastered to challenge his pussy.
“Can you see what’s up or not?” I asked challenging back.


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