Hot japan girl Yui Kasugano in beautiful school porn scene

Hot japan girl Yui Kasugano in beautiful school porn scene

I am often asked for contact numbers from characters, and some even denounce me for lying through these stories. Actually I understand them, because they have never written a story, so they cannot distinguish stories from reports from the scene (field repor / FR). I am sure that a newspaper or magazine publisher will not want to give the contact number of the character they are telling, even though a photo of the face is shown. Moreover, human interest articles published by his sources are kept confidential.

 Even the fact that there are some news sources whose source is protected, until whenever the source will never be opened, the Water Gate incident that dropped President Nixon in the US, until the President abdicated the author is not willing to disclose the source.

If you are still reading up to here, you can understand the expressions of my stories, even my stories written before. Please understand, I am still a very beginner as a writer, so do not compare with famous writers, just enjoy, if there is something strange, just swallow it. But if you can criticism that is to improve the writing of my story, of course with great pleasure I will accept.


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