Two hot japan girls in beautiful lesbian scene

Two hot japan girls in beautiful lesbian scene

Introducing my name, Algan, I come from japan and from childhood I lived with my mother and father, currently I am still in 3rd grade high school in one of the public schools in Bandung, everyday I only go to school, go home, help mom and play together peers, doing homework and watching TV or playing games like teenagers on aumumny.

my experience in sex began when my mother invited me to take a vacation in the village where my mother was born, of course my birthplace was also because I moved to Bandung when I was 5 years old or when I was going to kindergarten, that day was a mid-semester holiday and I the holiday was very long because it happened that my school was being rehabilitated so that the damaged buildings would be better and not endanger the students during the learning process.


That day was friday, my mother and I departed using an inter-city bus to a village in central Java, the name of the village was Pucukwaru village in this village, all the inhabitants were very traditional, even in this village there were still rarely four-wheeled vehicles or cars from the terminal to my village was forced to have to wear aojek suit, far from the terminal with the village for about an hour more, far and rather remote indeed, but the people and the atmosphere of this village made me feel at home for a long time in this village, because there was already electricity here,


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