Hot japanese girl gets fucked

Hot japanese girl gets fucked

Today Japanese as usual I noticed my wife was preparing to leave for work, while I was still lying down. My wife must always leave early in the morning, unlike my work which does not require leaving early in the morning. Soon I noticed he said something, said goodbye, and slowly left the house.

While I was preparing to go back to sleep, I heard the sound of people approaching toward the door of the room. But I immediately remembered for sure our housemaid, Lia, who had received an order from my wife to clean the house as early as possible, before working on another.

Lia is only 17 years old, with a height that is short but has a plump body shape. I only noticed this all along, and never thought of things before.

Not long after the sound of the steps I heard earlier, Lia began to appear at the entrance, after knocking and asking permission for a while, he entered while carrying a broom without waiting for my permission. Only this morning I noticed this servant, not bad at all.



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