Hot japan girl Rika Aiba in beautiful porn scene

Hot japan girl Rika Aiba in beautiful porn scene

Do you want to massage me again? Are you tired already a week? Yes, Sir, what time do you go home? Now? Okay sir, but I want to take a shower first? I waited a long time in front of the new door Rika Aiba opened it. Sorry sir, I just took a shower and said Rika rushed. Ah, my cock started to move up. Rika wore a negligee that was wet in some parts and clearly the round shape of her twin as a sign that she was not wearing a bra. Maybe bururu. No, nothing.

Can start? Can I change my clothes first, sir? I almost said, nah, just be like who you are right now. Fortunately it didn’t happen, it was discovered that there was another purpose besides asking for massage. I entered the room and immediately was naked. Carried by the atmosphere, my cock was standing straight. I covered with a towel. The door is knocked. Rika entered. Wearing a small yellow flowering skirt with a bright yellow, rather tight, rather short above the knee, buttoned in front of the middle to the bottom, making it look more radiant. The color of the skirt matches the skin clean.

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The chest looks even more prominent. My cock throbs. Ready for Tin? Yes, Sir? With only a towel wrapped, I collapsed to bed, on my stomach. Rika started by pressing the soles of my feet. This might be the right order.


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