Japanese girl with glasses

Japanese girl with glasses

This happened by chance and was truly pure luck for me, at that time I was crossing a forest area between Japanese and Blora. Either because of eating wrong or maybe catching a cold, suddenly my stomach feels nauseous and wants to defecate. Where should I go? There are no gas stations or public toilets on this track, I asked myself.

When crossing a small bridge, I immediately stopped the pace of my car and went down to the edge of the river that was not so heavy. For some reason, my stomach sickness and stomach pain suddenly disappeared and healed. About 10 minutes I sat on a rock, waiting for a stomach reaction in case of relapse again but it turned out that there were no signs of illness anymore.

After I felt pretty sure I wasn’t sick, I intended to go back to the car and return on my way home. But, suddenly I heard a voice of conversation from someone who seemed to be a man and woman. Day and night in a place like this, people must be dating! I say to myself. Suddenly a curiosity arose in my heart, who and what was that person in this place. Slowly while half crawling, I approached the source of the sound and faintly seen a pair of ABG making out under a tree. Well, exactly a guy who is carrying a girl on a Mahogany tree root.


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