Japanese hubby request 2 repairman to molest his wife

Japanese hubby request 2 repairman to molest his wife

keep chatting for a while, coincidentally Zaki is looking for a new boarding house and Mrs. Lily said she has a boarding house or can be said that the contracted beds, well so stay in the house of Bu Lily.Bu Lily is pretty good towards Zaki, too good instead , because until now Zaki has been late paying a 3-month house contract, and Mrs. Lily is still cool. Maybe still remember the help at that time. But instead Zaki is not tasty, but what can I do, he’s just getting more money. finally Zaki avoided more to meet directly with bu Lily.

Until one day it was still 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Zaki was still sleeping lazily in his room. The boarding house is a bedroom and a bathroom inside. The door to his room was knocked at the shop … tock … tock … then Mrs. Lily’s voice called out, “Is Zack Zaki in the palace or not?” Zaki suddenly got up, wow he could ask if he asked to rent a room, Zaki thought. Quickly grabbed a towel, pretending to take a shower again, then Miss Lily would go alone. After entering the bathroom, Mrs. Lily’s voice came back, “Zaki is sleeping, huh?”

For a moment there was no reply, but then Mrs. Lily’s voice came closer, “let’s just take a shower first Zack, mom wait here huh” eh turned out to go into the room, Zaki had not locked the door. “I’m so busy, I have to really have to take a shower,” thought Zaki.


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