Japanese school girl fucks afterclass

Japanese school girl fucks afterclass

I’m a girl going to xxx high school. My name is ayunda, I’m a member of PCT cheerleader. There is a basketball competition for other high school students against 8 high school. I became a member of the PCT cheerleader team, wearing minimal clothing, giving support to my team.

In the middle of the competition, one of the high team players was not playing his friends, but always looked at me. The first set was finished, he came to me, and we were friends, just named Indra.

Then he opened his basketball clothes and pants, so he only wore underwear. It was clearly visible in front of me “his penis” had been tense behind his underwear. He held my hand and guided my hand into his underwear. I felt “penis” big and tense and he asked me to wring his penis. He forced me to open his underwear, after I opened his underwear, it was clear that his penis was erect. I thought big, almost an inch of my hand was about the length.


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