Japanese teen

Japanese teen

My name is Niko (guise), now I am 21 years old, studying at a public college in Japanese, Usually after college I open the internet on my computer, but today I go to the cafe so it can take longer. I often open the Bispak.org site, I often read middle-aged, for some reason I like it. In the midst of the fun I read, to the point that I was aroused, making the shaft of my groin enlarged by half of 16 cm.

Entering a beautiful woman whom I estimated she wasn’t 30 years old. He was wearing a tight blue shirt, so that his large 36D breasts wanted to rebel out of his nest. Combined with a skirt limited to a black calf, it looks beautiful, elegant and plump the right words to express it. He took his place right beside me.

My eyes did not escape from her, especially her breasts while my hands remained on the computer mouse playing chat. He smiled at me, oh how sweet his smile made me nervous. He laughed at my behavior, and I tried to turn my gaze to the monitor screen. On the Chatt screen, someone greeted me with a Nita 25 ^ nickname, and I immediately replied to his greeting. Apparently he was also in the 25-year-old Makassar named Nita.


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