Jia loves Jessi

Jia loves Jessi

My name is Jia, 160 centimeters tall, weighs 56 kilograms, waist circumference 65 centimeters, Overall, my figure is tight, my body line appears when wearing tight clothing, especially gymnastics. I am the mother of two 44-year-old children and worked as a teacher at a high school in the city of S.

Jessi’s right hand began to trace my crotch, then I felt his finger touching my vagina which was still covered in a CD, I didn’t know whether my vagina was wet or not. What is clear is that Jessi’s fingers pressed against my pussy hole from outside the CD, then I felt his hand infiltrate into my CD.

My heart was beating very hard, I felt pleasure running through my body. The fingers of the password tried to enter the hole of my vagina, then I felt his fingers fall into the inside, wow it was very delicious. I have to end my password, I can’t stand it anymore, I open my eyes while jerking my body. “Password !! What are you doing? “


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