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My childhood in the village if I remember is ridiculous too. How could it be so when I was a child and dating even had gone far too. The lesbian story is like this. At that time I lived in a village far from the city. The children in the village do not play in the mall like in the city, lha wong in the village there is no mall. There is only a market, and not every day. The market is crowded on certain days.

We were children, at that time, if I remember correctly, I was in grade 6 when I spent time playing in the fields, at home sometimes swimming in the river. Looking for fish, looking for fruits, whatever. At night we often play in my large yard. Incidentally my yard looks like it has a small square next to the house, so that place is used as a children’s play center around my house.

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The matter of playing around doesn’t seem to have been discussed at length. There is an impressive game and until now I still remember, so finally I tell in this story. We, after sunset, often gather, boys and girls. Generally our age is between the 5th and 6th grade of elementary school.


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