Lesbian sex

Lesbian sex

I attended a public university in Bandung, and I was most happy to hang out at the Indomie stall in front of the campus. One day while I was hanging out, my friend Erick came to the stall, so I greeted him straight away and it turned out that Erick was not alone, there were some female friends outside waiting for him.

All I know is that my female friend is named Siska (Erick’s girlfriend), and one of them is very familiar to me, her name is Caroline, because she (Caroline red) often plays in my boarding house (Caroline often accompanies Siska to Erick’s place). Erick happened to be a boarding house with me. Erick went to the Indomie stall just to look for me because the room key was left to me so I gave the key, I don’t know why Erick returned to the boarding house alone with Siska, while Caroline waited at the shop with me.

When I realized that Caroline was alone, I called her into the stall, knowing that the rainy season and the night wind were very cold. Oddly enough, Caroline, according to when I went inside, seemed like she was still living by Siska and Erick.


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