Lesbian teen fuck ass

Lesbian teen fuck ass

Five months I have been working as a housemaid in Pak Umar’s family, I am indeed not a teen person who eats piled up knowledge, only an elementary school graduate in my village. But because my intention to work was indeed unbearable, I finally went to the city of Jakarta, and was lucky to get a good employer and could pay attention to my welfare.

Umar’s mother once told me that she accepted me to be a housemaid in her house because of my relatively young age. He could not bear to see me swing in this big city. “Don’t tell me you will be made as a female call by irresponsible WTS brokers.” That was what he said to me.

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My age is still 18 years old and sometimes I realize that I am quite pretty, different from the village girls in my village. No wonder if Umar said that to me.


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