JAV made in JAPAN

JAV made in JAPAN

Larsih, 26 years old and her husband Tono, 32 years old, live in a rented tenement in the right-hand side room of the married couple Mas Diran, 38 years and Murni, 28 years. And besides his left is Mak Sani, a 64-year-old widow, who lives Japan alone because her children are already married and are in another place.

The couple Larsih and Tono and their neighbors live in rows of rented houses in numbers in the city of Bekasi. There are about 3 or 4 other similar tenements also scattered around the house occupied by Larsih and Tono.

Tonton Juga : Hot Movie

The houses are on average shaped as long simple buildings with rows of rooms, 3 X 6 m2.
In the narrow space of the residents doing various household activities. The function of the kitchen, bedroom and living room or living room alternately as needed.


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