Hot japan girl Maya Kawamura in beautiful sex

Hot japan girl Maya Kawamura in beautiful sex

This is the sex story of my experience in the night world around 2004-2005, I know you guys, my name is Tommy, only the difference now is that my body is more altetic and of course the one that attracts attention is my pretty high around 1.80.

During this Saturday night I made a pact with my close friend Lina in one of the clubs that are now closed. When I showed at 11 o’clock, I began to enter the murky Hayam area with my BMW car parked my car and I went straight up, entered and paid … then I called lina to tell if I had arrived and asked Lina where … a little shouted shouting to take it back I know that he ordered a table in front of the stage. to the right.

That night it was true that cigarette smoke mixed with alcohol and the thump of a house music which if not ordinary would have been able to vomit vomiting … entering the aisles of men dancing while sometimes seeing me and sometimes also slightly poking my body through it. Those who like to be nervous must feel what I mean. Then finally I found Linda with her friends and I was introduced to her friend one by one her name is Lia, who is lean and tends to be thin but has sharp eyes and a charming smile using a white shirt.


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