MMF 2 VS 1

MMF 2 VS 1

My name is Marie, I’m 26 years old and working in one of the private banks in Bekasi. When the disaster happened, I was only 24 years old MMF. At that time I was spending a weekend at a villa in the Puncak area. I really am alone. There is no other purpose than to eliminate fatigue in the fresh Peak air without anyone’s interference. The tragicity of my solitude actually eliminated the only most valuable treasure for me, my virginity.

The story that afternoon I soaked in warm water. I think the clock shows seven o’clock in the evening. The cold air of the peak which had been drizzled since afternoon had made me reluctant to get up from the bathtub. I cleaned my body with liquid soap until it reached my cock that I could still be proud of because I hadn’t even had sex. Because the bath tub water was rather cold I decided to end my bathing program.

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror while holding my wet hair. I looked at my bare body in a large mirror that could fully load my shadow. I smiled to myself looking at my indoku face that was clear of pimples. Omaku is indeed Dutch. Then I turned my eyes to the two round, stocky breasts. The size is 36, with a height of 173 cm and weighs 54 kg. I wiped out my two breasts were cold. My gaze then shifted to the only sensitive part, my cock overgrown with thick fur. Obviously the fat part was split in the middle. Ah … this is my most expensive treasure, I thought, stroking it.

Suddenly someone opened the door from the front. I was shocked because there shouldn’t be anyone else in this villa. A well-built young man rushed in. Then he immediately dragged me out of the bathroom. I tried to fight but my strength was not enough to fight the man’s power.


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