GG-101 Murakami Risa Forbidden Care

GG-101 Murakami Risa Forbidden Care

My name is Murakami Risa my sleep that was uncomfortable because I was hit by a nightmare, felt even more uncomfortable because my breath suddenly felt tight, and my body seemed to be crushed by something. I don’t think I have asthma. But my groin feels good and delicious, like a penis is stirring memekkku.

Not to mention the taste of my breasts squeezed softly, made me slowly awake from my sleep, to later find it was Henry who made me wake up by screwing me. I, who was still unconscious, was shocked to see him in my room, let alone having sex with me, making me scream with fear and push him, but he was too heavy for a small girl like me.

“You know Non, he said that from yesterday I could enjoy Non?” Wawan asked, protesting me. I immediately realized, remembering yesterday I did promise this.

“But this is not the way Wan! When I was sleeping, you took things like this. It’s not polite to know! Anyway I was still not fully aware, waking up there was someone else in my room, I thought I was being raped, you know! “, I said curtly.


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