Old guy and young gal

Old guy and young gal

My name is Donny, 18 years old, my face is quite handsome and athletic because I really like sports, 175 cm tall, I was born to a capable family. But I feel lonely because my sister is studying in Amsterdam, while my parents live in Bali taking care of the company in the garment sector, they go home once a month.

I am currently a second grade private high school in the city of Surabaya. My acquaintance with my boyfriend, Shinta a year ago. At our school, he did develop class II IPS, many guys had a crush on him but with a little more in seducing girls, then I managed to hook him up. Actually he is a quiet type of girl and usually hang out in the library, so he can often rank class.

The Shinta family is a wealthy family. His father, 54-year-old Pak Har entered the ranks of the DPRD while his mother, Mrs. Har whose real name Mustika is 38 years old, beautiful person, about 164 cm tall, her skin was white, she was genuine Menado, her hair was shoulder length, her people were friendly and authoritative.


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