Lucky Old Man

Lucky Old Man

On that beautiful and sunny morning, I was passing in front of the room Anggun my younger cousin, Anggun younger cousin precisely the son of my aunt, had roughly come with me since 1 year ago. He works as a BNI Bank Teller in Jakarta. When I saw Anggun’s room door opened slightly, when it suddenly arose a desire in my mind to peek Anggun. From between the door I saw Anggun still fast asleep.

Anggun who was still fast asleep at that time was only wearing a negligee made from thin and sexy bedding. Really very beautiful, she thought, staring at her pure white face. Slowly, I went into the room while stepping very slowly, and before my shoes I had opened beforehand so that I could not hear my footsteps because of shoes.

Tonton Juga : Hot Movie

After entering in Anggun’s room, I looked at her beautiful face and also her entire body, who was asleep at the supine position. When I was cool looking at her suddenly Anggun stretched to the left, her right leg was slightly bent until her underwear was clearly visible to me. Carefully holding my breath I looked at the whole corner of Anggun’s underwear.


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