Old wise gentleman with a young beautiful girl

Old wise gentleman with a young beautiful girl

hi I grace was born in the United States, I just turned 18 years old, I want to share my sex experience with my uncle whose age is far old away from me, he taught me how to have sex that is so good.

One day my uncle came to my house to just play, happened to be daddy and my mom was leaving town for work. My uncle sits next to me while looking at me watching TV.

my uncle then asked me if I had sex before? I also answered that I had never done it before, then my uncle invited me to have sex, at first I refused but he immediately kissed my neck then went up above my lips, I was resigned because it was so delicious.

Then my uncle opened one by one my shirt buttons so that my breasts were quite large, my uncle just licked it and bit my breasts, while his hands groping on my pubic parts, I felt the third extraordinary sensation was done by my own uncle.


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