PAPA fucks his daughter

PAPA fucks his daughter

I myself have worked and also come from the same university, Overall, my boyfriend is very good, loyal and beautiful but still conventional (will not have sex before being legally married). Conversely, as a normal man I belong to a group that has high libido. In the meantime I can only satisfy it by masturbating while imagining copulation with my boyfriend.

One time the situation changed 180 degrees. After returning from work, I immediately visited my girlfriend’s boarding house (‘Sisca’ name).
Visiting his boarding house is like entering into an erotic nature. There are around 8 boarders who consist of students from level 1 to 4 (at this time Sisca has reached level 4). One of the tenants on the 3rd floor caught my attention, her name is Vita. After seeing it sometimes I imagine having sex with him too, until in the end I have a crazy and reckless idea that suddenly appears in my mind. This is where the beginning of my sex adventure begins.

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I ventured and decided to steal Vita’s underwear. Several times I was with Sisca, my girlfriend went up to the 3rd floor, on this floor there was a special shelf used by the maid boarding house to collect dirty clothes to be washed, fortunately the shelves were named according to the owner of the clothes so they would not be exchanged (and made it easier for me to find the target I wanted. )


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