Queening japanese teen cumsprayed on ass

Queening japanese teen cumsprayed on ass

Lhian does have the most perfect body in the Japanese school. With a 36B bra size, he some times doesn’t wear a bra to support his milk when playing with his friends. The lucky male friends at that time, will be able to enjoy the scenery that makes the Adam’s apple up and down. They hope to touch the milk bag, and drink the milk. 

Although not wearing a bra, Lhian milk which was only covered in a shirt looked tight and upright. That’s be cause Lhian is diligent about exercising, whether it’s pushup, situp, jogging, basketball, etc. So that the milk is very dense and chewy. But the most prominent is the large and extraordinarily plump buttocks. Lhian was chosen to have the most beautiful ass by his boy friend. Besides that Lhian always wears a tight blue skirt, his buttocks take turns up and down as he walks.

During the teaching and learning process, the male teachers who taught him often paid attention to the Lhian breast cleavage which sometimes looked slightly poking out, and his skirt which was revealed so that his smooth white thighs were clearly displayed in the eyes of his teacher. Lhian some times deliberately let some parts of his body be observed. Lhian has wide hips, a strong buttocks and large, stocky thighs excite. 

in fact, it is not uncommon for friends in his class who are desperate to masturbate in class while in class, because they can’t stand seeing Lhian’s thighs or buttocks in front of him. Lhian is very excited at his school. He actively participated in extra activities at his school such as scouts and paskibraka. Lhian attended a well-known private high school in his city, now he is in grade 3,Japanese School Girl.


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