Redhead teenie lays down and lifts her legs up for old man

Redhead teenie lays down and lifts her legs up for old man

What I experienced about 2 years ago. I am a private high school student in a city X, my name is Endy and I am currently 18 years old. I have a habit of masturbation, maybe one time a day.

I have a friend, it can be said that he is my best friend, because almost every day we are always together. I did often go to his house and of course, I often met his mother. It can be said that her mother is currently around 36 years old, but her body looks like a girl in her 20s. Well plump and very crowded and I called his mother Aunt Nita. Of course I often masturbate by fantasizing about my friend’s mom.

In just a few seconds, Aunt Nita pressed my head and I understood what Aunt Nita wanted. I began to squat and Aunt Nita changed positions with her body leaning against the wall of the house. Slowly I lowered Aunt’s grievance, then I saw the sky blue CD Aunt Nita with a bowed flesh that protruded between her legs, besides that I also saw the CD began to get wet with her pubic fluid. Aunt Nita said to me, “Endy, hurry up … Auntie can’t stand it …” I calmly replied, “Yeah Nita …” and I began to glow at the CD. I saw Aunt Nita’s pubic hair that was really fertile but neatly maintained.

To be honest, I really didn’t expect the beauty of a woman’s genitals to be different from what I have seen in blue films and even very different. Slowly, I began to sweep Aunt Nita’s pubic with my tongue. After his pubic hair was wet with my saliva, I began to put my tongue between his genitals and I found a small grain. With my tongue, I began to lick the seeds, this made Nita Aunt moaning.
“Endy … then …, Auntie feels great, ah … ah … uhhh …” he sighed.
Because I felt Aunt Nita starting to get aroused, then I accelerated my licks on the grain for about 6 minutes Aunt Nita screamed while holding and grabbing my hair.
“Uhhh … Auntie till here … let’s go on Ndyyy … ah … ehmmm … it’s delicious.”


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