Samantha Rone gets a deep creampie from hard cock

Samantha Rone gets a deep creampie from hard cock

This is my story when I traveled a long time by plane, My name is Glenn, I am currently 29 years old and I hold a company of my parents who is engaged in exporting raw materials. For 6 years I have run this business. Going home from Indonesia abroad is common. But only this time get something different on the plane. Something that finally makes me really want to repeat it again with the same person, this is what makes the Indonesian Sex Story Making Love with Flight Attendants in the Airplane happen.

Long story short, my father told me to go to America precisely in Argentina to take care of his business with his client. I also obeyed and I went straight to the airport for flight, because the ticket and everything was taken care of by him. Because long distances flight meals take a very long time. Until I feel bored and when I want to get out of my chair there is someone with a soft tone greeting me.

“Excuse me, sir …” a gentle voice greeted me kindly.
It turned out that a sweet-faced young flight attendant was smiling at me.
“Are you from upper deck? “I nodded,
“Yeah … why? “I peek at the name tag on his chest.
“Apriani Yuli..wah Indonesian name …”
“I am just checking to see whether you need anything, because you have been looking out for quiet a long time …” he replied politely.
“From Indonesia, are you? “Todongku.
“Why … yes! Are you from Indonesia too? “Asked again.
“Uh, why are you … not old, how come you are called Father … just call me a name … I’m Glenn …”
“Oh … I am Apriani … Mr. eh … you want to go to Buenos Aires huh? “Then we chatted for thirty minutes.


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