sexy Japanese hot girl gets fucked

sexy Japanese hot girl gets fucked

First introduce my name Krishna, I went to a high school in my town Klaten, I have a girl named Ayu and she goes to an elementary school in my city too. This story is a real and very memorable experience in my heart.

The story begins like this: At that time I was ready with a neat makeup to go to Yusha’s house. Yusha at home I was welcomed by Yusha’s little sisters. At that time Yusha came out after giving her favorite chicken to eat. I was immediately introduced to a cute and beautiful girl named Ayu

Me, Yusha and Yusha’s other siblings then play on the porch next to Yusha’s house. At that time I did not have any feelings towards Ayu but over time …… .. But the next day again I will not be bored with Yusha’s house. it was the hope in my heart to get Ayu’s heart


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