Sexy Japanese Boss (Uncensored JAV)

Sexy Japanese Boss (Uncensored JAV)

Just mention my name, Evan, I am a single guy, here I will tell you my very interesting sexy story. This story began with an invitation from a friend to get a haircut at a salon located around the well-known University in Jakarta in early October. From my friend’s invitation, I now know that all women who work in the salon can be dated.

At the exact time on the weekend, we agreed to meet at the salon X at 1:00 in the afternoon. At that time I was immediately rushed to the salon intending to cut my hair. After some time, I finally arrived at the nomination. At that time I saw my watch shows at 1 or less 5 minutes, and at that moment I decided to enter the kesalon.

Naturally, the salon, at that time the atmosphere in the salon was very normal and there was nothing odd at all. When I entered, at that time I went to the receptionist. There I also said that I intended to get a haircut. From behind the receptionist’s desk a beautiful woman told me, so I wait for a while because at that time salon workers were busy serving their customers.


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