Sexy Sly Stepmom Catches A Fox

Sexy Sly Stepmom Catches A Fox

Before introducing, my name was Dina … the first time I knew love, this world became beautiful to me. Only unfortunately my first love fell not to the right person. He is a married man and has a family. Be our love running in silence. I knew the man when he came to my friend’s birthday.

He was then the event organizer of the event.
Because we were seated together, he immediately put his arms around his shoulders and brought his lips closer to mine. I closed my eyes, felt soft once his lips touched my lips, then felt his lips start sucking my lips. I let go when he kissed my lips long enough.

“Mas”, I sighed when he took off his lips, as if I was not willing to let go of my lips.

He kissed my lips again, this time even longer. Thus, throughout the film we did not enjoy the film, but I enjoyed how his lips fluttered my lips.

“Bro, I’m so sorry, bro, I want to be a girlfriend”.

Since the incident in the cinema, we became routine kissing when we met, at least we did it for a while in the car before driving or before I went down in front of my house. My friend reminded me not to be too late in dealing with Mas, because he had a family.

“You will regret later if he has to break your relationship with him”. But I did not heed my friend’s appeal. I am like a blind closed love that is getting more and more burning.

Until one weekend, he took me to a villa outside the city, he said he wanted to survey the place because there would be an event there.

“Come on, let me, while you can get out of town, you. I want you dear “. Because I have long wanted her both all day, I just followed her invitation.


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