Cousin Sister Fella Long Time No See

Cousin Sister Fella Long Time No See

Just call my name Fella I’m still a girl of my age 23 years my body height 167 cm with body weight 55 kg size of my breasts 34 C and my profession is as a reposter in one of the private tv stations, many people say that Fella has beautiful white skin so entering into the world of entertainment is easy As a reporter who certainly appears to greet viewers on screen, of course, makes Fella gain popularity so many people recognize her.

Many things were felt to be fun for Fella because of the popularity she gained, including when she was out for a walk, many people recognized her and smiled at her and greeted her, even asking for her autograph.

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However, if there are positive things, of course there are also negative ones, including many men who whistle when he passes by, often almost poked by the prankster’s ignorant hands and mupeng, until what has just happened, some are desperate to look for opportunities to peek Fella was changing clothes in a fitting room in a department store in a shopping center, unfortunately the culprit was not caught in the act.


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