Stepfather daugther

Stepfather daugther

I sighed for a moment while thinking about Rendy’s request. Actually I don’t really lose if I stay at DaugtherMrs. Diana’s house. I can save my boarding fees for half a month if I stay at Mrs. Diana’s house. Besides, I would be better able to supervise Rendy to study for his upcoming semester exams, so that I could get a chance to secure my work. Actually all I needed to do was make sure that Rendy didn’t “work on me” worse than yesterday.

“Alright, brother agrees. But you also have to promise, you have to study diligently while you stay at your house.

“Berees, sis! As long as you want to obey me for that long, I will definitely learn! “He answered eagerly.

“Yes, yes ..” I replied with a feeling of relief


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