Steve Fills Up Lexi Lore With Jizz

Steve Fills Up Lexi Lore With Jizz

Since my wild intercourse with Steve at the departure of her mother, our sexual activity has become more intense and more intense. Under the pretext of delivering food to Indun’s house, who at that time lived alone in his house, we did it many times. All corners of his house have witnessed our forbidden monks, the living room, the kitchen, his parents’ bedroom and even the bathroom. Only the balcony and the courtyard were not our battleground. Yes, I’m not crazy enough to do it in the open.

The madness ended bitterly, as if I was obsessed with Indun’s young penis, it made me forget my vigilance towards the fetus I was carrying. Sure enough, two months later I experienced heavy bleeding that resulted in miscarriage.

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My husband, Prasojo seemed disappointed with my misery, but he showed his patience by staying by my side during my recovery. He really is a good husband and that caused guilt in my mind. Yes, I have betrayed my husband, an affair with a child whose age is quite far adrift, even cannot be said to be an adult. Sometimes the regret and guilt feel so great, it makes me cry by myself. My husband is really a responsible figure, maybe my mischief is the answer from God, maybe this is His way of reminding me of my negligence.


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