Very cute teen anal

Very cute teen anal

Diah, who was 23 years old, did not realize the danger of working as a cashier at a convenience store that operates 24 hours in Jakarta. But because his enthusiasm and desire to be independent make him not pay attention to the advice of his parents who feel worried seeing his daughter often get a shift at night until the morning.

Diah prefers to work in shifts at that hour, because from midnight to morning there are usually very few buyers, so Diah can study for her lecture material this afternoon. Until finally one night there was a rape, Diah found herself held by a gun right in front of her eyes. The long haired one (call it Ivory), and the other one with a thin body (call it Karjo). The two of them, breaking in made Diah who was concentrating on her book startled.

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“Get the money out quickly!” Ivory ordered, while Karjo cut off all video and telephone cables in the store. Diah’s hands trembled trying to open the cashier drawer in front of her, so scared that the key had fallen several times. After a few moments, Diah managed to open the drawer and describe all the money in it, as much as 100,000 to the Ivory.


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