Teen Hazel Dew gets her cunt drilled

Teen Hazel Dew gets her cunt drilled

My name is Rudi, I am 26 years old, I have married, right next to my house lives a beautiful woman around 35 years old, without her husband living alone, her name is Irma she is an employee of a private bank in my city according to her neighbor a mistress of an official.

“Wow big, why is that, it’s been a long time?”
I immediately looked down because Ms. Irma sat while opening her legs in the chair, I immediately kissed her genitals
“Ohhhh … .ssssssssshhhhh remember my wife … ahhh good luck
my pants were dislodged, my tongue was still guerrilla in the mbak irma’s genitals, occasionally he gripped my hair once in a while he ran it
“Ooughhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck”

minute by minute I passed, my fingers were inserted, fingers that were originally dry now covered in white and clear liquid,
“Bro, I came out hard …
I climbed to poke his lips, while removing the bra stuck to his chest, but the beautiful lingerie that I let adorn his body, kissing for each other we give kiss, my hand guerrilla in the mountain paradise, my suction nipples occasionally I bit slowly
“Ough man, you’re an expert … ahhhhh dear”


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