Teen MegaWorld- X-Angels

Teen MegaWorld- X-Angels

This story begins with an unintentional coincidence. Until now I like to laugh alone Teen girl when remembering the beginning of this incident. Starting from one Saturday afternoon, I agreed to meet with one of my chat friends.

Her name is Fenny, a final year student at one of the PTS in West Jakarta. My chat buddy this one is quite mysterious. I never knew where he lived, with whom, even I had never been given his home phone number. The campus is not sure if what he said is true.

When the agreement with Fenny was only via SMS. Usually I never serve chat friends who promised to meet via SMS. Kapok, used to be disused. But somehow I was very curious about Fenny. Finally we promised to meet at Mal Kelapa Gading, precisely at Wendy’s. The answer, Fenny also doesn’t want to know what clothes she wears and their characteristics. “Just a surprise,” he said.

That’s why this Saturday afternoon I was stunned accompanied by Wendy’s baked potato while waiting for Fenny’s arrival. I have been waiting for almost an hour but there is no news.


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