Threesome with perky roomie

Threesome with perky roomie

Introducing my name Babe (Samaran), I live in one of the cities on Java, I just graduated from S1 at one of the universities in my city. Before graduating I had a classmate friend who could be said to be sexy, he was not too tall nor too fat, but full. If people say it’s curvaceous. Especially with the ideal size of her breasts, the point is good and just right for holding.

All guys must pay attention to that, especially with their pretty sweet face, thin sweet lips, uhh … I feel like tasting and I kissed her lips, starting to be friends with her is normal, there is no liking or anything, but at the end of college somehow if you look at it, bring it to pass and it looks beautiful, it looks pretty, maybe progress of times, yes, there are already many ways to care … Now, now, I don’t know why, I can enjoy the tub, ow, I forgot the name, Anindya is called Anin .

One day during semester vacation, I once invited him to swim together, IYKWIM was why I invited him to swim “nin, tomorrow is there an event or not? Pool? Teach me, “I asked him, then he answered” what time can it be? “” Just in the morning, when it was crowded, tomorrow I picked it up “… Then he said” okay, but pick up princess yak? Hehe “,” okay, ready, princess, “I replied while looking down like a subordinate to the employer … Haha …


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