Two japanese school girl lick each other

Two japanese school girl lick each other

My name is Andhika, I’m a Class 1 student in a pretty high school in the city of Makassar. That day I wanted to take a chemical assignment at the home of one of my girl friends, let’s call it Rina. I happened to meet Rina’s friend by chance. Then we got acquainted, his name was Laura, the person was quite beautiful, sweet, white and the body was like a grade 3 high school student, even though he was only in the third grade of middle school.

His white and rather small school clothes add to the impression that his breasts are bigger. The size of her breasts might be 32B because as if her middle school uniform had not been able to stem the pressure from the twin mountain mounds.

We kept silent, only I was watching his chest and his plump ass. Wow, it feels like it’s the 7th time I can enjoy this girl’s body, I thought. Sometimes our eyes meet instead of GR but I think this girl also has feelings for me. After one hour at Rina’s house, I said goodbye to Rina but she held me back and asked me to take Laura home because her house was a little far away and it was rather late and I happened to be carrying “Rangga Kijang” belonging to my father.


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