Woman in work

Woman in work

as a head of household who has a son who has entered the educational arena is certainly very happy Work . This happened with me when my son named Jerry had entered elementary school 1. After my wife died of breast cancer, I was the only one who had to take care of my son, Jerry.

Honestly, my life is very sad compared to before my wife died. Now everything is done by myself like teaching my son to do his homework, cooking which is certainly mixed with my work at the office as one of the most important people in a Japanese company based in Jakarta.

Sometimes I get confused by myself because after all my cooking is not as perfect as my wife’s and fortunately Jerry, my only child has never criticized the results of my cooking even though I know that all my cooking results are not good because sometimes it’s too salty and sometimes burnt. One day Jerry told me that I had to come to his school because his teacher wanted to see me.


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