Hot Booty Birthday Present With Young Lesbian Amateurs

Hot Booty Birthday Present With Young Lesbian Amateurs

at that time I was still a third grade vocational school in Solo. At that time I met my lesbian friend in middle school. He is actually my first love, which at that time I had never revealed, even though I knew he loved me, just call him Novi. At that time we met at a storefront in the Coyudan area.

We were both sheltering because at that time it rained heavily on the city of Solo. We chatted at length and the numbers showed at 6 pm, but the rain still flushed even though it wasn’t too heavy.

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Because at that time he was waiting for the bus, and I was riding a motorcycle so that I would not drive home from him home but without a raincoat. When he got home, it turned out that his house was empty because his family was attending his uncle’s wedding.

“Ouch … how is this Vi … can you come inside or not?”, I asked.
“Relax, usually the key is under this pot, well here it is, let’s go outside outside, it’s cold, your clothes are all wet,” he said as he opened the door of the house.
“I will get a towel for a while,” he said as he walked to the back of the house.


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