Young teen gets banged by sis’s bf

Young teen gets banged by sis's bf

It starts from someone named Irwan, my character is a handsome face, a slim body, brown skin, and rather tall, my age is 18 years old young teen. But I didn’t go to college and chose to find a job to live my family, when high school used to be a lot of women who liked me because I was handsome, but honestly nothing could melt my heart. I just graduated from high school and would look for work.

I also saw job openings in the Newspaper, which caught my attention was a clothing store that had just opened, they were looking for an employee, I went to the shop immediately using my motorcycle.

After 30 minutes I finally saw a clothing store, in my opinion the store was quite large, I would go in there, no one but auntie who was about 50 years old at the cashier’s place, I would approach him, I smiled at him and he returned my smile,


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